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How to use EVOO: A Guide for Singaporeans by a Singaporean

EVOO can enhance the flavour profile of some of our most-loved food

Growing up in Singapore and helping my mother in the kitchen from a young age, I was used to seeing her cook with canola, sesame and sunflower oil or other refined plant-based oils . I also remember going to Longhouse Food Court at Upper Thomson Road (anyone else remembers this amazing place?) and seeing the […]

Growing and Farming Olives – What It’s Like Being An Olive Farmer

In Colletorto (Molise), every Farmer puts his utmost Love to the growing of healthy olives

Knowing that my family runs an olive mill in the Molise region of Italy, people often ask me what life as an olive farmer is really like. They imaging that it consists of 11 months of doing nothing except watching the olives grow, followed by a couple of weeks of crazy hard work for harvesting. […]

Olive Harvesting – How Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gets to Your Table

How Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gets to Your Table

The unique and unforgettable taste of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is no accident. It’s the result of several factors that come to fruition every year at harvest time. The tradition goes back hundreds of years at our family’s olive farm near Colletorto, a small town in Molise region, Italy. Critical factors when harvesting […]

What Makes a Superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Age-old Secrets of Timperio Olive Oil Masters

Gentile Nera, the “Culinary Diamond of Molise region” (Photo by Salvatore Nasillo, Colletorto, Italy)

It is known as the “Diamond of Molise”, this exceptional olive variety called Gentile Nera. Molise is the region of Italy where the Timperio family have cultivated this variety for generations, producing our sought after extra virgin olive oil (EVOO or EVO oil). We want to tell you what is so good about our family’s […]

The Ultimate Myth Buster: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is “Perfect” for Asian Cuisine

Olive oil Asian cuisine

If you’re an avid lover of Asian cuisine and enjoy its flavorsome, palatable and authentic taste, then you’re definitely at the right place. For several decades, the trademark style of cooking Asian cuisines has always been “stir-frying” at high temperature. This is probably because the authenticity of the Asian cuisine reflects from its impeccable and […]