Drizzling a few drops of flavoured extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) makes a huge difference to the taste of most dishes

Few people realise what a huge difference a drizzle of flavoured extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) makes to most dishes. Maybe not lobster thermidor, we must admit, but everything from pasta to stews and soups!

But only Extra Virgin Olive Oil shows off the flavourings to best advantage. Forget any other type of olive oil, such as “pure” or “light”.They have had all the natural flavour and goodness knocked out through an industrial refining process. Insist on premium EVOO as the base.

Try these very carefully selected dressings to add oomph and zest to mealtimes. Include a bottle of original EVOO too with your order to get the full, natural aroma and flavour of the very best of olive oils.

Truffle Dressing

White-truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil because white truffles impart a stronger truffle flavour than black truffles. Our white truffles are picked by hand in the woods and forests of the mountainous upper Molise region – you can’t get more ‘back to nature’ than that!

White truffles can sometimes grow 25 to 40 cm underneath the surface of the forest floor (10 to 15 inches). Our truffle hunters use specially trained dogs that pick up the scent of newly ripening white truffles in the early morning mists. When they locate a delicious truffle, the hunter barks out a command to stop digging. That way the delicate truffles do not suffer damage.

Then the essence of those fresh white truffles is infused with our premium EVOO and sent to your kitchen. It’s the perfect gourmet finish for risottos or any pasta dishes, pizzas and salads. Just a few drops transform an ordinary meal into something very ‘truffley’ and special indeed.

Chilli Dressing

The personality and character of locally sourced dried chillies infused into our Timperio Nobile olives creates a dressing with deliciously spicy aromas and flavour. Capsaicin is the compound that gives peppers their heat and olive oil infusions have been known for centuries to have many health benefits as well as being a marvellous flavour enhancer of foods.

It’s well known as a pizza dressing but that underestimates its vast range of uses and its versatility. Use it in any recipe that calls for a dash of heat or simply as a drizzle for soups, sauces and pasta dishes.

Garlic and Rosemary dressing

Garlic and rosemary – two of the oldest culinary herbs in the world – combined here in our aromatized Timperio Nobile extra virgin olive oil. They come together extremely well as they are a great flavour combination in many cuisines. Just a hint can lift a dish without having to add the herbs themselves as main ingredients.

It makes a superb dipping sauce for special barbecues days or for vegetables, meat and seafood. Perfect also as a marinade. Fold it into mashed potato or use it for roasting butternut squash and other vegetables. It’s such a versatile dressing that will find many uses in your kitchen to bring the creative flavours of Italy and Italian cuisine to your dishes.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You will never forget your first tasting of our Timperio Nobile extra virgin olive oil. The result of the finest Italian olives grown with love in the mountainous Molise region of Italy to the strictest organic growing standards certified by Suolo e Salute®. Then those unrivalled olives are cold pressed with absolutely nothing added or taken away. What you get is nature’s best in its purest and healthiest form.

Intense and full-bodied, this organic olive oil adds an extra layer of flavours to both cold and hot dishes, or even dips and sauces. Drizzle it over salads and vegetables, rice dishes and pastas, pizzas and seafood. It transforms the ordinary into superbly tasty meals packed with healthy and nutritious totally natural compounds that protect and nurture your family’s health.

Lemon Dressing

Clean citrus flavours overlaid on the unique taste of extra virgin olive oil lift any dish by adding zest and springiness, zing without the acidity. A twist of Sicilian lemons meshed with our Timperio Nobile extra virgin olive oil to deliver the essence of freshness and a clear, clean hint of health.

Use its sweet but tart piquancy to spice up crudités and cooked vegetables, salads, chicken meats and fish dishes. Our Lemon Dressing is an unmistakable flavour of the Mediterranean. It makes for an unforgettable appetiser served with crispy white bread fresh from the oven.

Basil Dressing

It’s just summer sunshine captured in a bottle! Sweet basil and Timperio Nobile extra virgin olive oil is the essence of Italian cuisine. There’s a reason why sweet basil encapsulates the sunny days and balmy nights of an Italian summer at its very best.

Sweet basil has a different flavour to Thai basil, lemon basil or holy basil and is found in every Italian kitchen and indeed all over the world. It’s the basis for pesto and a key ingredient in rich tomato sauces served with spaghetti and other pasta dishes. If you want to experience the real flavour of Italy, look no further than our basil infused dressing. Use it on a wide range of dishes – we have yet to find one where it doesn’t add a little of good old Italian “Bella Vita”.

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