Marriage is a wonderful occasion and the happy couple are linked with Good Luck in many countries. Wedding favours were a means of sharing that good luck with their guests. They say three things:

a) Thank you for joining with us to celebrate our marriage

b) We value you as friends

c)This memento may help remind you of our wonderful day

The history of wedding favours

Wedding favours were called ‘bonbonnieres’ when they first became popular many centuries ago. That is the French word for a box for sweets (bonbons), often made of crystal, porcelain or even gold.

Sugar was rare and very expensive and a wealthy French aristocrat host would make a gift of sugar cubes as a symbol of his wealth for wedding and birthday parties. In modern times it refers to a small decorative item used as a table decoration and gift at celebrations, such as wedding parties.

Ordinary people would give gifts of love knots, often made from lace or pretty ribbon. Almonds became popular later, usually presented in little linen bags.

In recent times, mementos of a special occasion or celebration were often simple ‘Thank You’ cards. Then it progressed to eye-catching little gifts. Sending small portions of the wedding cake in the mail was very popular a few years ago. It would arrive a week or 10 days after the wedding ceremony and was a lovely reminder of a wonderful occasion.

Why wedding favours work so well

Everybody loves a beautiful free gift as a sign of love and appreciation. Children take great delight in party bags to take home – and us adults are no different really!

That is why party and celebration favours (table gifts) have grown in popularity. They need not be expensive to trigger a positive and grateful reaction. The key to success is to delight the receiver with something small but quite special.

Modern wedding favours and table gifts for celebrations

Nowadays celebration favours can be anything from chocolate casino chips or lottery tickets to miniature chocolates or even personalised items. Favours that have some novelty value are the best to create an outstanding impression so that the event remains as a lovely and happy memory in the minds of all the guests of the wedding party.

Wedding favours can highlight the bride’s personality

Wedding favours work very well across all cultures. Such a big day in a bride’s life is an opportunity for her to stamp her personality on many aspects, from the clothes to the wedding favours.

The objective always is to delight guests and make the occasion memorable. That is why Timperio’s unique and special gastronomic favours are a perfect match.

Gastronomic wedding favours are trending

Favours made from foods such as olive oil and wine have rapidly grown in popularity, especially at Italian weddings. We suspect that is because Italian people are renowned food lovers and appreciate the better things in life.

There are at many reasons for offering food favours instead of conventional table gifts:

#1. People enjoy trying new flavours and products

#2. Guests can savour them at home and share them with friends and family

#3. They can be enjoyed long after the wedding day

#4. They are often unique and special items that you cannot buy in supermarkets

#5. They can be personalised and customised – meaning you can express your personality

#6. Food favours are usually produced by small artisan businesses, farms and craft workers, and it is an excellent idea to support these endeavours

Favours for other celebrations and events

Table gifts work extremely well for any type of celebration or corporate event. A company or organisation can make the occasion stand out by choosing a favour that is special, unique and different.

In fact, a well-chosen table gift leaves a lasting impression on all guests. Just ensure that you choose something of quality that people will value.

How to get your own personalised gastronomic wedding favours

These high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) options from Timperio tick all the boxes of excellent gastronomic flavours that Singaporeans will love. They can be fully personalised to meet your budgetary or thematic needs as well as the bride’s personality.

We offer 3 different options to delight and amaze your guests:

#1 – Customised hand-painted ceramic jars

#2 – Personalised Olive oil Boxes

#3 – Specially Decorated EVOO Bottles

You can read all about them or go straight to our shopping page, fill out the Google form here to let us know your needs – or contact us at to discuss your requirements in more detail.