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Do you have any questions, doubts, or simple curiosities about extra virgin olive oils (EVOO)? Are you curious to find out how a good EVOO is supposed to taste like, or how to best store it in tropical and humid weather such as Singapore’s?

Are you curious to find out about the smoke point of cooking oils, EVOO’s nutritional aspects, and to learn the science behind extra virgin olive oil consumption? If this is the case, you just landed in the right spot! In this section, our experts have given their best shot to answer your most frequently asked questions.

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What is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)? How’s EVOO supposed to taste like, what’s its shelf life, and how to best consume it?

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What are the health-giving properties of EVOO, and why it’s worthy of kitchen-staple status?

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Can I cook with extra virgin olive oil, and what does science tell us in this regard?

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What are the differences between the various Timperio products? Which one shall I choose? Do you create customised gifts and wedding favors?

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How to register for the Timperio Recipe community? How can I share my recipes with the community?

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Does EVOO suit children’s or pregnant women’s diets? What’s the right amount of EVOO to intake daily?

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What is Timperio Friends and Family Program, how it work, and what are some of the terms and conditions?

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How is Extra Virgin Olive Oil made?

To produce premium grade olive oil, the best quality freshly picked olives are pressed in a purely mechanical process to extract the juice. The temperature is strictly regulated to no more than about 30°C (86°F) because anything higher would degrade the quality.

No solvents are used and no chemicals or any other substances are added or taken away. The result is 100% naturally and healthy extra virgin olive oil.

What's the difference between ''extra virgin'' and ''virgin''?

The answer is Quality. Both types are produced by the same pressing process, but as defined by the International Olive Council (IOC), the quality of the Virgin olive oil is lower compared to the Extra Virgin type.

Extra virgin is in fact the highest quality rating for an olive oil. It must be fruity and have low acidity.

Both types have the same level of antioxidants and nutrients.

The range of EVOO is quite broad, from sophisticated oils with a rich aroma and flavour through to less striking oils.

What is the difference between ''extra virgin olive oil'' and other olive oil such as 'pure' and 'light'?

Not all olives produce excellent olive oils and some lower grades are not marketable in their natural state. So the manufacturers refine them using solvents, chemical, heat and steam to strip out all flavour, aroma, colour and most of its nutrients. Then they may add some EVOO or other natural oil back in to make them saleable. The term “light” refers to its pale colour.

What does good quality EVOO look and taste like?

Colours vary enormously and are not a guide as to the quality. Early season oils may be green while later season products may be more golden, but that is not a firm rule by any means. Terms such as bitter, peppery, ripe, herbal, fruity, grassy are frequently used to describe EVOO flavours depending on the variety of olive and when it was harvested.

A good EVOO is never bland, that is for certain!

How should EVOO be stored?

Light and heat are not good for EVOO, so bear these simple rules in mind:

Rule #1 – Store in a cool dark place and definitely not over a refrigerator or stove. Refrigeration does not harm olive oil although it may turn cloudy at low temperatures when the wax/fat solidifies. That disappears again at room temperature.

Rule #2 – Green or brown bottles help to protect the contents from strong sunlight.

Rule #3 – Use it within a year of purchase for best results

What is the shelf life for EVOO?

It varies enormously depending on how it was stored after it left the processor and before you bought it. Olive oil sealed in a tin and kept in a dark cool place could last for 2 or 3 years. On the other hand, late season olive oil that has been poured into a clear glass bottle and left in a lighted area might last only 3 months.

As a rule of thumb, think of one year as being a lifespan if it’s stored properly.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil the same as Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil and olive oil are not the same, and in fact, they are completely different products.

Extra virgin olive oil is 100 percent olive juice extracted using only mechanical pressure (no chemical additives or heat can be involved), and it meets or exceeds the highest quality standards of acidity (below 0.8 percent), flavor, and appearance.

Olive oil is a refined oil made using heat and/or chemicals. It has little or no nutritional value!



What are the health benefit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

There are many, but the most significant are reduced likelihood of cardio vascular problems and stroke. This is linked to general healthy eating, such as in the Mediterranean Diet, as well as exercise. It’s the antioxidants and other nutrients in EVOO that mark it out as being a healthy option as well as the “good” fats it contains. They are linked to improved mental and physical health.

Is there specific proof about EVOO's health benefits'?

Yes. There has been a great deal of scientific research into EVOO for everything from health to beauty and its use in cooking. EVOO is now acknowledged to be one of the healthiest of cooking oils, as well as containing substances that makes it better for you than other oils.

What is Mediterranean Diet and what is so good about it?

It’s what people around the Mediterranean basin have enjoyed for thousands of years. As well as significant amounts of EVOO, it generally includes lots of fish, fruit, vegetables and nuts.

What compounds make Olive Oil so healthy?

Science tells us that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is packed with natural antioxidants (polyphenols) that slow or prevent cell damage that can, for example, lead to cancer.

It contains anti-inflammatory compounds – as opposed to inflammatory substances such as saturated and trans-fat. Basically, EVOO is full of monounsaturated fats, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. These are vital for a healthy body and highly recommended by all nutritionists.

Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil increase my risk of coronary disease?

Not at all! A number of clinical studies demonstrated the positive relationship between consumption of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) – which contains high levels of oleic acid of at least 80 percent per serving – and improved cholesterol levels.
This means that there is a positive correlation between the intake of extra virgin olive oil and reduced risk for coronary heart disease.
However, it’s important to note also that consuming oils high in oleic acid oils such as EVOO improves the heart health ONLY if these healthy oils FULLY REPLACED other types of fats and oils higher in saturated fats in the diet such as butter, margarine, or coconut, palm, and palm kernel oils.

Can Extra Virgin Olive Oils help to reduce blood pressure?

A recent study by researchers from La Trobe University (Australia), and published in Nutrients, provides scientific evidence that the high polyphenol content of extra virgin olive oil plays a role in reducing the blood pressure and arterial stiffness – main risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
The same cardio-protective qualities of extra virgin olive oil were NOT found in the refined, low polyphenol olive oil, which consumption showed NO impact on blood pressure.



What types of cooking is EVOO suitable for?

As well as a highly recommended salad dressing, EVOO delivers excellent results for pan frying (sautéing), stir frying, and even for deep fat frying too. Used in baking, it adds a unique delicious flavour and is frequently used as an healthier alternative to butter.

Can I use EVOO for stir frying and deep frying?

Yes. EVOO is perfect for all types of frying where a cooking oil is used. High quality EVOO may be a little on the expensive side for deep frying but there is no reason why it cannot be used. We stress that we are talking about good quality EVOO. Lesser quality olive oil may not work as well.

'What is the smoke point of EVOO?

Much is made of the smoke point of cooking oil. It is the temperature at which blue smoke rises and the chemical composition begins to change. It is not recommended to cook at any higher temperature than that. EVOO has a smoke point ranging roughly between 190 to 220°C (375 to 430°F). That is higher than we typically use for frying, roasting and ever stir-frying and so this is not an issue.



What is the difference between Nobile and Gentile?

The differences between the two products are not so drastic that you should use only one for cooking and the other as a dressing. No – both products are suitable as a dressing as well as for cooking.

They both are mono-cultivar extra virgin olive oils coming from the same olive type that is the Gentile Nera, or Gentle black.
They are both first cold-pressed within 12 hours from the harvesting.

Key Difference
The main difference between the products is in the harvesting period of the fruits as olives are harvested at different stages of ripeness.

Timperio Nobile is the early-harvested extra virgin olive oil made from semi-ripe olives, giving this extra virgin olive oil bolder flavors and strong aromas of fresh and intense olive flavors.

Timperio Gentile is the late-harvested extra virgin olive oil made from ripe olives. Compared to Nobile, Gentile delivers a gentler tasting experience than Nobile.

Can I use Timperio Nobile for cooking?

Yes, you can, and you should. Alike Timperio Gentile, Timperio Nobile’s smoke point is high – between 190 to 220°C (375 to 430°F) – and well above standard cooking temperatures reached during frying, roasting and even stir-frying.
We stress that both Nobile and Gentile extra virgin olive oils are suitable as a dressing as well as for cooking. They are both mono-cultivar extra virgin olive oils made from the same olive type – the Gentile Nera, or Gentle Black – which is an olive variety uniquely found in the Molise region of Italy. The only difference between Nobile and Gentile lies in the harvesting period of the fruits as olives can be harvested at different stages of ripeness.
Nobile is an extra virgin olive oil with bolder flavors and strong aromas of fresh and intense olive flavors compared to Gentile, which instead delivers a gentler tasting experience.

What's the difference between 'Marasca' and 'Fiorentina' Nobile bottle?

The difference between the two is only about the design and the style of the bottle.
Fiorentina is an elegant and stylish bottle, square in the base, turning cylindrical toward the neck, with an ideal grip for pouring.
Marasca is the classical square shape bottle that saves space on the shelf.
Both bottles are made in dark “Verde etrusco” glass (dark green colour) to protect the extra virgin olive oil from UV rays.

I am looking for customised wedding favors. Can you help?

Yes, we currently offer three options of customized gifts for your special occasions:

a) Customised hand-painted ceramic jars

b) Personalised olive oil boxes

c) Specially decorated EVOO bottles.

Whether you are looking for something unique for weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, we can hand-craft custom olive oil gifts to surprise your guests, friends, and family members. You can learn more here.

Is there a minimum order for customised wedding favors?

Yes, the minimum order is 50 pieces. However, exceptionally, we accept smaller orders. Please, get in touch with us to discuss the details.

How much does a customised wedding favor cost?

Depending on the number of pieces you need, the delivery location, and the gift option you choose, the price varies. Let us know your requirements, and we will advise you accordingly.

I am interested in customised hand-painted ceramic jars. What can I customise?

Customisation is extensive. You are able to choose the shape and size of the jar, the artwork (on both sides, front and back of the jar), the extra virgin olive oil to put in it, to packaging and presentation.

Am I still on time to order a customised hand-painted ceramic as my wedding favor?

We accept orders until three months before the wedding date. This gives us enough time to design, make a prototype for your approval, produce, and send your gifts right on time for the big day.

Which extra virgin olive oil can I put in my customised hand-painted ceramic jars?

You may choose any Timperio extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) for customised wedding favors, including Nobile, Gentile, organic-certified EVOO, and flavoured EVOOs. Please, get in touch with us to discuss the details.

I am considering your customised hand-painted ceramic jars as a corporate gift. Can it be done?

Absolutely. The artwork of our hand-painted ceramic jars can be easily customised with your company logo, and other design requirements you may have.

Recipe Community

Recipe Community

How do I register for the Forum/Recipe Community?

To register, click on “Add your recipe!” on home page, click on “Need to Register?” within the Login box and follow the instructions. Once you have registered successfully, you will able to start posting your recipes.

Can I use the same registration details on the Recipe Community and the Shop?

The short answer is yes, you can. However, you will be required to register your details in the Recipe Community and the Shop separately.

How can I post a recipe?

Once you have registered as a user, you can upload recipes to the Recipe Community. Click on “Add a recipe” under your name. Fill out all the fields and click “Submit Recipe”. We’ll quickly review your recipe and approve to make it visible to everyone. You’ll be able to see all your recipes under “My recipes” dashboard.



I am pregnant. Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil a healthy addition to my diet?

Yes, it is. Adhering to the Mediterranean diet and using extra virgin olive oil for cooking and as a dressing of your favorite meals during pregnancy is highly beneficial. Research findings also suggest that EVOO may have a protective effect on wheezing during the first year of the newborn’s life.

It is safe to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily?

It is not only safe to consume extra virgin olive oil daily, but it is highly advisable too.
In one of their recent advisories, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has concluded that daily consumption of about 1½ tablespoons (20 grams) of extra virgin olive oil may lower the risk of coronary heart disease.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil suitable for children?

The short answer is yes. However, this applies to children that are at least six months old.
To children aged six months or older, extra virgin olive oil provides the health benefits that adults have long enjoyed, including a few additional benefits, especially in terms of weight management.

Friends and FamilyProgram

Friends and Family Program

What is Timperio Friends and Family Program?

Timperio Friends and Family Program is a small way to thank you for your efforts in introducing us to your friends, colleagues, and family members. So when anyone purchases Timperio using your shareable unique URL and the referral code, you get a 10 S$ voucher that you can use in any future purchase with Timperio.
The program is currently valid only for Singapore-based customers.

How do I refer a Friend?

We have created a very easy way for you to introduce Timperio to your friends. Please follow the following steps:

a) Visit our e-shop
b) Login to your account (if you are an existing user) or sign up
c) Click on the “Tell a friend” yellow button OR navigate to your Referrals dashboard (left-hand side menu)
d) Copy the referral code AND the referral URL, and share them with your friends via WhatsApp, E-mail, or Facebook.
e) Ask them to complete their purchase using the provided link and the discount coupon (to be added during the checkout).
Start earning and feeling good!

What rewards can I earn?

When you refer a friend to Timperio using your unique URL, and your friends complete their purchase, we’ll give you a 10 S$ voucher that you can use in any future purchase. The more friends you introduce, the more vouchers you’ll accumulate, with no limitation

Multiple vouchers can be used for a single purchase.

Vouchers can be used in junction with other existing promo codes. Add them one by one under “Coupon”, and then “Apply Coupon”.

What rewards will my friends earn?

When your friends place a purchase using the unique URL you shared with them, and they add the referral code as a discount coupon, they’ll obtain a 20 percent discount storewide.

The coupon is valid on their first order only, and no minimum order is required for the coupon to be valid.

Who can I refer to earn rewards?

In order to earn rewards, you need to refer a new customer to Timperio, that is a friend who never made a purchase with Timperio before.

What conditions must be met for referrals to count and for me to earn the reward?

For your referrals to count, your friends must do the following:

a) Click your referral link to the Timperio e-shop.
b) Add the referral code as a coupon during checkout.

Referrals are processed immediately. After adding the referral code as a coupon, your friends will immediately enjoy a 20 percent discount on their first order with us. You will then receive your voucher which will be added to your account upon your friends completing the purchase. Vouchers will be available in the REFERRALS dashboard.

How can I tell if I’ve made a successful referral, and how do I keep track of the referral status?

When you access the REFERRALS dashboard in your Timperio e-shop’s account, you’ll find an overview of:

a) Total referred users. This is the number of friends you send your unique URL and the referral code to.
b) Total coupons. This is the number of referred friends who placed a purchase with Timperio.

Additional details of your friends who placed an order are available in the same dashboard.

The referral dashboard is the placeholder for your vouchers as well.

How will I receive my reward, and how can I use it?

When your referral is successful, the voucher will be added to the REFERRALS dashboard in your Timperio e-shop account. For every successful referral, you will be receiving one voucher. To use your voucher, simply copy the code you’ll find on it, and add it as a discount coupon at the checkout page. The voucher amount will offset your order amount subtotal. Multiple vouchers can be used for a single purchase.

Vouchers can be used in junction with other existing promo codes. Add them one by one under “Coupon”, and then “Apply Coupon”.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

No, there is no limitation. You can refer as many friends as you like.

Where can I find my referral code and the referral URL?

There are two ways to find your unique referral code and referral URL

a) Click on the “Tell a friend” yellow button (lower right-hand side of the screen).
b) OR visit the REFERRALS dashboard (left-hand side menu).

No, there is no limitation. You can refer as many friends as you like.

Where can friends enter my referral code?

We have created a very easy way for your friends to use your referral code and redeem their reward:

a) Click your referral URL.
b) Navigate the e-shop, select the products of interest, and add them to the cart.
c) Complete their purchase using the discount coupon at the checkout (add it as a “Coupon”, and then click “Apply Coupon”).

How can I share my referral code and the referral URL?

You may share the referral code and the referral URL with your friends via WhatsApp, E-mail, Facebook, or private message.