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At Timperio we handcraft custom olive oil favors that will help you make your special ceremonies such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and corporate events a big success.

Why olive oil as table presents and favours?

It is often said that the Mediterranean society built its foundations on extra virgin olive oil. Olive trees were, and probably still are, the ultimate symbol of peace, wealth, and prosperity for most Mediterranean societies.In the past, giving olive oil as a present was associated with giving out prosperity to our loved ones.

So much so that in recent times, especially in places such as Southern Italy, extra virgin olive oil has also become one of the most appreciated and sought-after gifts for special occasions such as weddings.

It is with this philosophy that we at Timperio have recently launched an exclusive selection of olive oil-based favors, customizable to match your style and requirements, and we are proud to have this selection now available in Singapore!

These styles and designs have been carefully selected to provide high-quality favors that are small enough to sit smartly on the table.

From elegant olive oil boxes to personalized hand-crafted terracotta olive oil jars and specially decorated bottles, our custom olive oil favors will help your make your special ceremonies a big success.

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Discover the charming world of Ceramic olive oil jar favours

In the southern Italian tradition, the common way for storing olive oil was in terracotta containers. Clay pots were relatively easy to produce, affordable, durable, and, most importantly, they would guarantee optimum storage conditions for the product.

This is why, in our part of the world, the tradition of hand-crafted ceramic potteries has been handed down for generations.

In Molise, skilled artisans have been proudly shaping the clay to create unique works of art for centuries.

This is your opportunity to design your very own olive oil jar and get Molise ceramists’ talented skills to give life to a unique piece of art to match your style.

A wedding favour like no other

Choosing the right wedding favor is not an easy task! As a newlywed couple, you will want something unique that makes for beautiful mementos for your guests to take home while reflecting your personality as a couple.

At Timperio, we know that, and this is why we have partnered up with highly skilled ceramic artists from Molise (Italy) to bring to Singapore a 100% personalizable olive oil ceramic jar option that will meet your budgetary or thematic needs as well as the bride’s personality.

Are you wondering to what extent can you customize? To a large extent: from the shape and size of the jar, the artwork and olive oil to put in it, to packaging and presentation. The time to create your unique and remarkable favor has finally come!

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