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The superb but scary 2020 olive harvest in Colletorto, our town in Italy

We were fearful. The whole town knew from early on that it was going to a bad year for all countries. By the time lockdown started in March, the olive trees were in flower. Nobody expected the impact of the Coronavirus to get as bad as it did. If the harvest was also poor, if […]

Olive Harvesting: when Tradition and Innovation come together – a chat with Antonio Abruzzese

The love for the land bears only good fruits an old commercial that ran on Italian TV used to say.  We can look at “land” as one of the classical elements of Earth, but also as a territory, as in a farm. Antonio Abruzzese, a young farmer from Colletorto, in Molise, is the living proof […]

A Chat with Orlando Timperio about the 2019 Olive Harvest

Together with Spain and Greece, Italy is a major producer of extra virgin olive oil. Oil Mill Timperio is located in the picturesque village of Colletorto in the Molise region, which is about half way down the east coast of Italy. Local small farmers grow and harvest olives the old fashioned way, very much in […]