About Us

The Timperio Heritage


We never forget the family heritage that brought us to this point. Our Italian extra virgin olive oil products stand as testament to the rich history of the company, the passion for the business handed down from generation to generation and the determination to create the finest organic olive oil products possible that has been at the core of the business from the beginning. That commitment to quality defines who we are and the extra virgin olive olive oils we produce. In every bottle is the history and knowledge accumulated through nearly 80 years of creating the olive oil products we are so proud of.

Every Olive we use is handpicked from century-old olive trees that have been providing the fantastic organic oils we produce since 1943. Those olives are milled using our cold-pressing, cutting-edge decanter centrifuge systems, then stored in stainless steel silos situated in temperature-controlled warehousing to ensure a truly pure taste and the highest possible hygiene standards.

Timperio Family