There is more to Italian cuisine than Pizza, Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese and Lasagna

In the bustling city of Manila, Italian food is made by American Fast food chains. Their take on what is hailed to be one of the best cuisines in the world does not give justice to what Italian cuisine really is — a celebration in our mouth created by using fresh and natural ingredients. Growing […]

Olive Harvesting: when Tradition and Innovation come together – a chat with Antonio Abruzzese

The love for the land bears only good fruits an old commercial that ran on Italian TV used to say.  We can look at “land” as one of the classical elements of Earth, but also as a territory, as in a farm. Antonio Abruzzese, a young farmer from Colletorto, in Molise, is the living proof […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Product review- Timperio’s Nobile Vs Gentile

Do you know what factors make one olive oil different from another? Or why one may work best as a dressing and makes dishes sing, while another is great for cooking? Here we look at two of the great Timperio Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs). Think of this review as a basic primer about olive […]

A Chat with Orlando Timperio about the 2019 Olive Harvest

Together with Spain and Greece, Italy is a major producer of extra virgin olive oil. Oil Mill Timperio is located in the picturesque village of Colletorto in the Molise region, which is about half way down the east coast of Italy. Local small farmers grow and harvest olives the old fashioned way, very much in […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Suits Every Diet, Culture and Religion

There is every reason to provide yourself and your family with the superb health-giving benefits of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). It fits into every culture and dietary lifestyle and is acceptable to all major religions. In fact, we don’t know of any group or body that has a bad word about it. Extra virgin […]

Expert Tips for Buying and Storing Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is recognised as one of the best and safest for cooking. EVOO has a shelf life of about two years from the time olives are harvested and milled. That can vary greatly depending on how you store it. Therefore, it is important to understand the factors that affect its lifespan […]

Nutrition profile of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – An Eye-Opening Beginner’s Guide

Did you ever wonder where food manufacturers, nutritionists, and restauranteurs go to get nutrition details about the ingredients they use? Or where you can find out more too? It is so important these days to state accurate information on food labels, menus and recipes. A data industry has sprung up where professionals, such as food […]

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps fight Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s one of the saddest diseases of all – seeing a loved one losing touch with reality and drifting off into a world of their own. Alzheimer’s disease sufferers eventually don’t recognize even close family members as we look on, helpless to provide anything other than loving care. Recently the scientific world has taken an […]

Everything You Need To Know About the Mediterranean Diet and what makes it so very good for us

Recommended by doctors to fight heart disease, dementia and depression, what makes the Mediterranean Diet so different – so special? What the Mediterranean Diet can do for dementia Sylvia Hatzer and her son realised when she was 82 that her memory had been fading for the previous three years. Medication alone was not improving her […]