What Makes a Superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Age-old Secrets of Timperio Olive Oil Masters

Gentile Nera, the “Culinary Diamond of Molise region” (Photo by Salvatore Nasillo, Colletorto, Italy)

It is known as the “Diamond of Molise”, this exceptional olive variety called Gentile Nera. Molise is the region of Italy where the Timperio family have cultivated this variety for generations, producing our sought after extra virgin olive oil (EVOO or EVO oil). We want to tell you what is so good about our family’s […]

The Ultimate Myth Buster: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is “Perfect” for Asian Cuisine

Olive oil Asian cuisine

If you’re an avid lover of Asian cuisine and enjoy its flavorsome, palatable and authentic taste, then you’re definitely at the right place. For several decades, the trademark style of cooking Asian cuisines has always been “stir-frying” at high temperature. This is probably because the authenticity of the Asian cuisine reflects from its impeccable and […]

Heart Disease – How Can We Defend Ourselves from The Number-One Killer?

Cardiovascular diseases are the number-one reason we, and our loved ones, will die. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), nearly 18 million lives each year are taken by cardiovascular diseases, 80 percent of which are heart attacks and strokes. To put things into perspective, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has claimed, to the 30th of […]

Spices are amazing health foods, especially with olive oil

The spices we add to flavour dishes have some incredible health benefits too! It’s all about the phenols Phenols are a large group of chemical compounds found in plants. Consuming these phenolic compounds is believed to reduce the risk of several diseases due to their antioxidant power and other factors. Herbs and spices are extremely […]

Everything You Need To Know About Smoke Point of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Have you ever noticed blue smoke rising up when you are cooking with any oil at really high temperatures? The temperature at which smoke starts to appear is called the smoke point. It is just one of the factors used to determine which oils are best for cooking with. The smoke point is not a […]