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Mango FroyoBy Jimmytyh@hotmail.comMango Froyo (mango frozen yogurt) is a light and tasty treat. We use Thai Mango (when it is in season) - sweet tasting, and juicy. Blend them together with plain greek yogurt and a little honey (depending on the sweetness of the mangoes). This dish is great as a dessert, or even a snack on a hot day. Not difficult to make. Try it!
Chickpea/Garbanzo Beans & Roasted Potato Salad Recipe – TimperioBy WhitefieldsOnce I tasted Chickpea Salad in a restaurant and I tweaked it a little to add in roasted baby potatoes, fresh greens and flavored EVOO to have a flavor punch to this colorful Salad. Feel free to add in fresh or cooked veggies of your choice in this tasty salad.