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We may be sounding like blowing our own trumpet, but we sincerely believe you should not be missing the opportunity to try out our family-produced, hand-harvested, first-cold pressed, antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive oils.


You would love to try Timperio extra virgin olive oil, but do you wish to have a taste of it before stocking up your pantry? Not to worry: we understand that, and we got you covered!

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For the free trial, alongside a 1x sample Timperio Nobile EVOO and you’ll have 5 options of flavored EVOOs to choose from: white-truffle, chili-pepper, lemon, garlic & rosemary, or basil.

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Best of all, with the Trial pack, we’ll send you an easy-to-make traditional Molise recipe straight from our Nonna’s kitchen so you can enjoy this Goodness at its best! We believe our extra virgin olive oils will speak for themselves, and we hope it will be love at first sight.

Are you ready to change your eating habits for better health and tastier meals?


Sample size, good to cook dinner for 2 pax.

1xFlavoured EVOO

Sample size, good to elevate a meal for 2 pax.

1xNonna’s recipe

Directly from our Nonna’s

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