Creamy Mushroom Pasta




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    Prep time

    10 mins

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    Cook time

    15 mins

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    Total time

    25 mins

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    1 serving

The creamy mushroom pasta is my go-to dish whenever I want to prepare something fancy for my husband. it’s simple, quick, utterly luxurious - and yet pocket-friendly. This recipe is ideal for 2 servings. Double up your quantity accordingly


  • 250 g Mushroom ( I try to mix fresh and dried mushroom)

  • 150 ml Cooking cream (UHT/ Fresh Cooking Cream)

  • 4 tbsp Timperio Nobile Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 1 pinch salt (to taste)

  • 1 pinch pepper (to taste)

  • 220 g Pasta (recommended: Penne)

  • 2 dash Timperio White Truffle Dressing


  • Preparation of the Mushroom: cut the mushroom into small pieces. If you decide to also use dried mushroom (try to dehydrate them in a bowl with water overnight). Drain the water but leave it behind as we can use it for cooking.

  • In a skillet, heat up the Timperio Extra Virgin Olive Oil with garlic until fragrant. On the side, start with boiling some water for your pasta

  • Add the mushrooms in the pan. If you use some dried mushrooms, while cooking them in the oil, place some of the drained water while cooking. Cook the mushrooms for about 5-8 minutes until tender. Add salt and pepper for seasoning.

  • Add your cooking cream and let it cook for few minutes in low heat. Recommended to also add salt and pepper for seasoning. I usually season every step of my cooking.

  • Cook pasta in the boiling water until al dente. (follow the recommended cooking time of the pasta on its packaging), Once cooked, remove the pasta from the water.

  • Mix the pasta with the creamy mushroom sauce and finish it off with some grated parmesan/pecorino cheese. AND for the best luxury experience, add a dash of our Timperio White Truffle Dressing

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