Tofu Fried Rice Recipe – Timperio



Giuseppe Timperio

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    Prep time

    10 mins

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    Cook time

    15 mins

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    Total time

    25 mins

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Fried rice is an easy-to-make dish found in many Asian cuisines. I often cook fried rice when I have leftover rice from the day before, or when I’m short of time. What I love about fried rice is that it can be different every time as you can add any of your favourite ingredients to the dish. Whenever I cook rice, I never fail to use EVOO. Whether it is adding 2-3 tablespoons to the cooked rice or frying rice with EVOO, I love how the rice absorbs the flavor and fragrance of the oil, making it fluffier and tastier!


  • 2 tbsp Timperio Gentile Extra virgin olive oil

    Alternatively, you may use Timperio Nobile or Timperio Organic Bio/olio

  • 100 g Cooked brown rice

    Alternatively you may use even plain white rice

  • 1 qt Red onion

    Alternatively, you may use white onion

  • 1 qt Stalk of spring onions


  • 70 g Tofu

  • 1 qt Egg

  • 1 pinch Salt to taste

  • 1 pinch Black pepper to taste

  • 1 tsp Timperio chili-pepper flavored extra virgin olive oil


  • Start the preparation of your healthier fried rice by dicing the onion and the spring onions into fine pieces. Then, move on to the tofu, and dice it into 2 to 2.5 cm size pieces.

  • In a large pot or medium-sized wok, over medium heat, add Timperio EVOO and the sliced onions. Cook it until it gets softened, but before it turns brown.

  • Over medium heat, add tofu and fry it until it starts to turn golden (about 2 minutes). Stir occasionally.

  • Let the ingredients continue cooking, and push them in one side of pot. Crack the egg in, breaking up the yolk, and cook it for 1 to 1-5 min.

  • When egg is almost set, stir, and add rice in. Continue frying over high heat until all the ingredients are well mixed (about 5 minutes).

  • Add spring onions and seasoning. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and 1 teaspoon of Timperio chili-pepper flavored extra virgin olive oil to add a dash of healthy hear to your fried rice.

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