Vegan Hainanese “Chicken” Rice (no chicken required) Recipe – Timperio




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    Prep time

    10 mins

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    Cook time

    20 mins

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    Total time

    30 mins

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Hainanese chicken rice is a popular Singaporean hawker dish that originated in China. Most hawkers around the island would serve the dish with roasted or steamed chicken. I've twisted the original recipe and made my very own vegan-friendly version, where I replaced the chicken with king oyster and enoki mushrooms. The consistency of mushrooms is what ties the dish together, and gives to it that delicious fragrance you rightfully expect from anything carrying the chicken-rice name. King oyster mushrooms are popular in Asian cuisine. Many of us add them to stews, soups, pasta, and sauces, as well as a variety of vegetable-based dishes. Did you know, for example, that king oyster mushrooms are also called “chicken legs” in Chinese? King oyster mushrooms bear a resemblance to chicken legs, and their taste is not too different either!


  • 2 stick King Oyster Mushrooms

  • 200 g Enoki Mushrooms

  • 1 cup Steam rice

  • 300 ml Timperio Nobile Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Alternatively you may use Timperio Gentile EVOO or Timperio Organic Bio/olio

  • 2 pinch Salt

  • 1 tbsp Mirin

    Sweet cooking rice wine

  • 1 tbsp Soya source

  • 1 tbsp Oyster source

  • 1 pinch Sugar

  • 1 pinch Pepper

  • 1 pinch Ground assorted spices

  • 5 to 10 dash Cucumbers


  • 5 dash Coriander



  • Start the preparation with 1 stick of king oyster mushrooms. Wash the king oyster mushrooms and remove any dirt on the surface. Then half and shred them by hands into tiny slices. Marinate the oyster mushroom with a pinch of salt and 1 tbsp of mirin. Place in steamer and steam for 10-15 minutes until softened. Set aside for serving

  • At this point, take the 2nd pack of king oyster mushrooms and one pack of enoki mushrooms. a) On the king oyster mushrooms, wash the king oyster mushrooms and remove any dirt on the surface. Slice the king oyster mushroom into strips first and dice them into 2 to 3 cm pieces. Put them aside for deep-frying. b) On the enoki mushrooms, cut off the stem, and dice them into 2 to 3 cm pieces. Wash the enoki mushrooms, cut them into smaller pieces (2-3cm). Put them aside for deep-frying. c) Heat up 300ml of Timperio EVOO in a large deep skillet over medium-high heat. Deep fry both king oyster and enoki mushrooms, until they turn golden brown. Remove them from oil with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels and set them aside for serving

  • In a bowl, add 1 tbsp of soya source, 1 tbsp of oyster source, sugar, salt, pepper, and ground assorted spices and mixed together.

  • In a plate, put the rice, and place both steamed and deep-fried mushrooms on top of the rice, and drizzle the dressing sauce on top of it. If you like, garnish the dish with cucumber and coriander.

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