Prosciutto di Parma, fresh Arugula, & Grana Padano Salad Recipe – TimperioBy Ana_88Today I’m feeling kind of fancy with this delicious salad made with Parma ham (a world-famous dry-cured Italian ham), Grana Padano (a full-bodied cheese - definitely one of my favorites - that originated in the Po river valley in the Northern part of Italy), with fresh arugula, topped with a special dressing made of balsamic glaze and Timperio Organic Bio/Olio.
Tagliatelle Pasta, Wild mushrooms, Fresh Sausage, and black summer Truffle Recipe – TimperioBy Giuseppe TimperioTagliatelle with mushrooms, fresh Italian sausage, and black summer truffle is an easy-to-make main that everyone can attempt to cook in the comfort of their homes. To get the best out of this main from the Southern part of Italy, make sure to use only high-quality ingredients, especially mushrooms and truffles, which are the most influential flavors of this main. Vegetarians may remove the sausage to enjoy the vegetarian-friendly version of this dish. Either way, the result will be astonishing!
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