Curry chicken with Potato Recipe – TimperioBy canlilyCurry chicken with potatoes is one of the most popular curry dishes in Malaysia and Singapore. Wherever you go, be it in hawker centers, food courts, coffee shops, or event Restaurants - you'll likely have a chicken curry on the menu. Healthy and tasty, this is my own version of chicken curry that you can easily cook at home within just half an hour.
Molise peperonata (bell peppers & eggplants with olive oil, onions , and Tomatoes) Recipe – TimperioBy Giuseppe TimperioMolise peperonata is a rustic sauce traditionally made using bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and onions. Based on availability, locals in Molise may add eggplant, zucchini, and even potatoes. In Molise, peperonata is traditionally served with hot bread or bruschetta. The traditional recipe calls for a very generous amount of extra virgin olive oil, which will eventually make a superb sauce to dig your hot bread into!