Everyone loves that pungent and sophisticated taste of truffles. Or almost everyone does. We Italians love it tremendously. We are foodies and truffle lovers.

We are so much in love with this rare, rich treasure that we decided to combine it with our very own private reserve extra virgin olive oil produced from our family estate.

We want to bring to your table the most exquisite and healthy extra virgin olive oil (EVO) products possible, and the founder’s reserve white-truffle EVO is a must-try delicacy in Singapore. Timperio Founder’s Reserve White Truffle EVO is indeed a very unique and special product for two reasons:

  • Made with olive oil from our own private olive groves – the best of our EVO

  • Added exceptional white truffles picked by hand locally in the Molise region

Let me explain why this makes such a difference and transforms the product into something very unique indeed.

What are truffles and why are they so special?

Truffles are used raw to add an indescribable special flavour to mild dishes such as risotto, pasta and sauces. Food connoisseurs adore the taste and pay a lot of money to buy the best types. They have a strong but delicious flavour. A small shaving or very thin slice is enough.

Truffles are a type of fungus that grows and fruits underground near the roots of certain trees such as oak, beech, hazel, poplar, and others. They depend on nutrients from the trees and provide salts and water in return. Truffle hunting, with dogs to smell them out, happens in woodland areas mostly. That is why the green hillside woods and forests of the Molise region grow some of the best truffles in Italy.

Some very popular classifications are the Black Truffle, Summer or Burgundy Truffle, White Truffle and Whitish Truffle. White Truffles have a high value. One of the best is called “trifola d’Alba Madonna” or “Truffle of the White Madonna” in Italian.

White truffles cost between S$ 2,100 to S$ 3,700 per kg. An expensive delicacy. That’s because finding good white truffles is not an easy task. They only grow in the wild, and only in special climates. As much as we all would love it, sadly we can’t grow truffles in our own backyard. They are rare, very difficult to find, and they don’t last forever: as soon as you shave them, their sexy aroma is gone in a week!

The Molise region and its marvellous truffles

Approximately 60% of Italian truffles come from beautiful Molise, a small and very rural region of Italy. This is also where the Timperio family grows and produces our olive oil.

Truffles grow well here because of the hilly and forested characteristics of the region, with adequate rainfall and relatively cool temperatures. The green environment, pure air, and unspoiled natural habitat make it perfect for white truffles.

It means all of the olive oil and the truffles that flavour it, come from the same rural region.

Timperio EVOO makes this dressing unique and different

Some truffle dressings are based on very ordinary olive oil. Others use vegetable oils as the base. I am sure you can easily imagine the vast improvement that a base of truly outstanding EVOO would make. It’s even more crucial than the white truffles themselves.

Our family makes two types of EVOO, both descended from the Gentile Nera variety, which means Gentle Black. It’s called “the culinary diamond of Molise region” locally, and it is the key to the unique flavour of Timperio extra virgin olive oil.

Because we grow the olives ourselves, we have complete control over the organic growing methods and the crop quality. This is extremely important and means the product is quality assured for its entire journey from farm to fork – and to your table.

It features very low acidity and is extremely high in healthy antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. So, as well as having an exquisite flavour, Timperio Founder’s Reserve White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the healthiest oils you can provide for your family.

Where to buy Timperio Founder’s Reserve White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Singapore residents can order online direct from high-quality food outlet Trearth.

Buy some today and treat your family to a glorious new flavour. Click here.