Olio Novello is basically the really first harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) you can produce. It is very special and only tiny volumes are produced. Normally we consume it ourselves but this year we are making it available to a wider consumer audience for the first time.

Also known as ‘Olio Nuovo’, it is true early harvest EVOO and has outstanding aroma and flavour. The olives are cold-pressed immediately they are harvested and the oil is not filtered. This gives Novello a rich pulpy consistency because of the tiny particles of olive fruit it contains.

What does Olio Novello EVOO taste like?

It’s like EVOO with flavour super-boosters. Everything you like about premium EVOO is present but magnified.

It sits in the same premium category as superb food & beverages such as Wagyu steak, Dom Pérignon champagne and Beluga caviar.

Timperio Olio Novello has a far higher content of antioxidant than the Nobile EVOO, which is our best regular olive oil. The aroma is strong and immediate and a noticeable stinging sensation on the palate and the back of your throat. This thrills EVOO connoisseurs and is a very exciting experience.

How should you use Olio Novello on your table?

Because it has much stronger olfactory sensations, it is best used with strong-flavoured dishes such as red meats, grilled vegetables, and mains of pasta. You would risk overpowering delicate flavours of fish, for example, which greatly benefit from a dash of our other best olive oils such as Timperio Gentile.

Some Novello lovers just lap it up soaked in bread. It all depends on how much you appreciate and enjoy this rarest of olive oils.

Why is it more expensive than other Timperio EVOO products?

In a word, volumes – or rather very limited volumes. Every olive grove can only produce a very small quantity of olives that qualify as “first harvest”. That is because so few fruits are ripe enough to be plucked early. Therefore the raw material is rare and precious.

Here at our Timperio mill, we intend to introduce the Novello in special edition/limited batch availability only. The new product is NOT intended to substitute for our regular Nobile EVOO at all.

It is an additional product available in small quantities. Our thinking is to expose our EVOO-loving community to something new that will be available only for a short period close to the harvest time.

All EVOO lovers must try Novello

It is a must-have for connoisseurs and an unforgettable experience for everybody who simply enjoys great olive oil.

It will be available in Italy and Singapore at the start of the harvest, which this year is probably going to be sometime mid-October, depending on the weather as always.