Are you bothered about your oily skin in this hot summer? Do you worry about acquiring a flawless skin which is free of acne and pimples? Have you ever considered looking into some natural remedies rather than experimenting with chemical-based products that are way too expensive and often even harmful to your body?

Acne, pimple and many other skin problems are some of the major issues that are faced by almost everyone. With the torrid and humid weather in several countries of Asia, the problem of acne is quite predominant and a troublesome affair for both men and women.

But to every problem, there lies a solution – and the solution that we have for you is probably sitting right in your kitchen. Don’t you believe us?

First a quick word about the science behind skin & skin-care

Skin is literally a big deal! It’s our largest organ with the main function of shielding us from harmful substances. Skin is porous, and it absorbs most of the substances you apply on it. That’s what experts call ‘dermal absorption’ which is nothing more than the route of exposure for substances to sneak into your bloodstream.

If on one hand this is good for administering medications in a patch form, on the other hand this is also a terrible news as hazardous substances can also make their way into our bodies through direct exposure to the epidermis.

In other words, applying creams and oils on your skin is exactly the same as eating them, simply because they will enter your body regardless of the particular route of exposure!

When you consider the wholesome goodness of some natural products, you wonder why anybody would ever opt for skincare products that loaded with dangerous, chemical and synthetic ingredients.

Scientific reports have already confirmed that extra virgin olive oil is highly effective for health. Now the same oil is already being claimed as a compelling savior for skin problems, where it has been shown that the risk of skin tumor can be effectively reduced due to the antioxidants of EVOO. It also helps in protecting from the stubborn acne and pimple spots seamlessly.

Imagine having an enriching oil that not only brings nourishment to your health but also to your skin with a fresh and glowing touch? Now that’s no less than a miracle.

How Does Acne occur and how EVOO can be helpful?

Acne on the skin generally occurs when an oily substance (sebum) from sebaceous glands accumulate on the skin and gets hardened by dirt and impurities from pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyles. The skin pores are clogged due to this build-up and lead to stubborn acne. Now, it’s quite surprising that using olive oil for skin acne (being an oil based product) is regarded as one of the best remedies, but apparently the power of nature never ceases to amaze us.

Studies have already shown that vitamins and antioxidants form an integral part of olive oil and as a result, the oil-cleansing method is highly effective. It is even better to use organic, cold pressed, and unrefined oils such as EVOO which contain plenty of nutrients and antioxidants for your skin.

With the oil cleaning method, the skin with the help of the olive oil dissolves the oil that was built upon the skin. This not only helps in removing the acne and its difficult spots but also lends a soft and glowing skin.

Here are the top 6 natural olive oil home remedies for flawless skin

  1. Olive Oil Massage – Did you know that EVOO contains antioxidants that are said to prevent the growth of bacterial cells on the skin? With regular circular massage on your skin, olive oil will be beneficial for improving the blood circulation and reducing the acne. This is regarded as one of the most effective olive oil home remedies for for skin moisturising.
  2. Olive Oil with Lemon – Lemon juice is said to contain L-ascorbic acid that is enriched with astringent properties. The combination of EVOO and lemon juice not only help in tightening the skin pores but gives the skin a refreshing touch which is light and non-sticky. The free radicals that generally cause breakouts on the skin are eliminated by the antioxidants of olive oil.
  3. Olive Oil and Castor Oil – Imagine getting rid of not only the persistent acne and pimples but also of the painful swelling and redness! The perfect way to give your skin a breather this summer, isn’t it? The combination of olive oil and castor oil creates an ideal mixture that can easily treat cystic acnes on face, chest and back as well. Castor oil consists of anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties and with a ricinoleic presence that provides great relief from itching acne and pimples.
  4. Double Cleansing with Olive Oil – If you enjoy massaging your face with olive oil, then try this double cleansing method to get rid of your pimples at the earliest. Wash your face twice in a row: once with an oil based cleanser and then with a normal water-based cleanser. While the olive oil cleanser works as a great remover of oil based dirt, the water cleanser removes the dirt and sweat from the pollution.
  5. Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil – How about a natural remedy? The combination of EVOO and tea tree oil unclogs the skin pores and provides a cooling effect on the skin. While the antioxidants of EVOO fights off the germs from the skin, the tea tree oil brings a natural relief to the skin. If you want better results, try olive oil and tea tree oil steam. Works effectively!
  6. Olive Oil and Clove Oil – A lot of you might be facing back acne which is quite irritating, especially when they are unreachable. The analgesic and antiseptic properties combine with the antioxidants of olive oil to eliminate acne causing bacteria from the skin. This mixture is effective in treating breakouts and swells as well.

Final Conclusion: Is olive oil worth for your skin?

With an abundance of vitamins, nutrients and antibacterial properties, extra virgin olive oil has plenty of uses. Although it is mostly known for its amazing properties in the kitchens, today we have also discovered that it does wonders for skin moisturising, and that olive oil for skin acne is one of the most highly regarded olive oil home remedies. As it exfoliates the skin, olive oil lends a soft and smooth touch while the antioxidants prevent the growth of acne-causing germs. Use it as a single element or with another natural constituent, extra virgin olive oil is always packed with enough benefits that will enhance your skin quality naturally without compromising on anything.