Here in Singapore, there is a surprising range of vegan spreads and nut butters available. Some are tasty and others make you wonder how anybody could eat something like that!

They all have one thing in common – they are expensive.

Extra virgin olive oil is a great and extremely healthy alternative for everybody, not just for vegetarians and vegans. It’s also extremely versatile and environmentally friendly because sustainable methods are used by our family’s growers in Italy for Timperio EVOO products.

Make your own vegan olive oil spread

This must be the simplest technique ever! Olive oil has a characteristic that you can easily take advantage of to make a spread. At low temperatures it solidifies.

This article teaches you how to make a very tasty extra virgin olive oil spread for your morning toast. The most enjoyable and satisfying aspect is that you can add any flavouring you like.

All you do is pour some EVOO from the bottle into a small tub and pop it into the freezer to solidify it quickly. Of course, it is too hard to use immediately. Simply place the tub of frozen oil in your refrigerator overnight and it will have the perfect consistency for spreading on your toast by morning.

You really must use good quality extra virgin olive oil. Other types such as “light” or “pure” simply do not have the great taste, aroma and health-giving elements of the real deal (read here why).

Just to be clear – EVOO is 100% natural with nothing added or taken away

The olives in Timperio EVO oil come straight from the trees to our pressing mill. There the oil is separated out in a powerful centrifuge where the temperature is kept low to maintain all the flavour and health-giving benefits. No chemicals or solvents whatsoever are used.

The juice from the olives is pure, and that is exactly when you get in every bottle of Timperio EVOO.

How does EVOO compare V butter and V margarine?

All spreads contain fats, many of which are very good for us and essential for maintaining health. Dairy fats (saturated fats) are not at all as good as plant based fats. In fact, consuming too much of them can lead to clogged arteries and a range of other health issues.

Many of us were raised using butter every day, and a little is perfectly OK. But the best health advice is to minimize it and switch to plant fats, such as EVOO.

Margarine is a factory manufactured product. The hard type that is used in pastry making often contains trans fats. These are the really bad guys of the fats world, to be avoided if at all possible. With EVOO freely available in Singapore these days, there is no excuse not to substitute it for margarine.

Extra virgin olive oil is an ethical product – that is an important consideration

Our olives are grown on hillsides in Italy, in groves of olive trees that are hundreds of years old in many cases. Olive trees can reach an incredible age and keep on producing fruit year after year.

They also do not require a great deal of care, other than keeping the weeds mown and preventing frost damage to the blossoms in springtime. You can read more about olive farming in Italy in this article and hear from an olive farmer here.

As you will see, highly responsible sustainable farming methods are used that have been handed down from generation to generation. Our farmers do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides because they and their families consume part of their own harvest – the rest goes into bottles of Timperio olive oil.

Try some for yourself and see just how great it is

The best way to put our words to the test is to try Timperio extra virgin olive oil for yourself. Browse our selection in our online shop here. Then enjoy tasting and testing it with your family.