These specially designed table presents/favors are an instant talking point. Perfect for corporate dinners, weddings, birthday parties and any special occasion. Guests will ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with pleasure because they will never have seen anything like them before.

Table gifts and favors add a special touch, especially our gastronomic range.  Your guests will not be expecting such a special little high quality and unique gift. The style and designs have been very carefully selected to provide high quality favors that are small enough to sit smartly on the table.  An unexpected surprise that will get your event off to a great start.

Timperio EVOO favors are a memorable present

People will remember your dining occasion for many years to come and will be delighted to tell their friends about it. Such unique and enchanting table favors make for beautiful mementos for your guests to take home.

We offer 3 different options to delight and amaze your guests:

#1 – Customised hand-painted ceramic jars

#2 – Personalised Olive oil Boxes

#3 – Specially Decorated EVOO Bottles

#1 Timperio EVOO customised hand-painted ceramic jars

Hand-painted ceramic jars where you can customize anything! From the design of the jar to its size, to the olive oil to put in it. Create your unique and remarkable favor.

The tradition of ceramics Made In Italy has been handed down for generations. In our part of the world, skilled artisans shape the clay to create unique works of art that are totally yours.

This is your opportunity to design your very own olive oil jar and get Ceramiche D’Addario’s talented skills to give life to a unique piece of art to match your style.

#2 Timperio personalised olive oil Boxes

This option consists of a beautifully designed box containing a number of Timperio olive oils.

The box can display your chosen message, such as your names, wedding date, and an image of your choice.

These are perfect for presenting your guests with a range of EVOO flavours – all of which contain beautiful olive oil from our Italian growers.

#3 Specially Decorated EVOO Bottles

Choose from our range of pre-prepared special designs, or get creative and invent your own unique design. As it’s your special occasion, we feel you should have freedom to express yourself, or your company’s brand message.

Our bottles are generally 100ml capacity and have proven themselves to be a great success as personalised gifts.

How to get these beautiful favors

We at Timperio are dedicated to giving you our customer the very best of extra virgin olive oil from our olive groves in Italy.

Now we enhance our exceptional product with these beautiful, unique and memorable table presents / favors.

Just go to our landing page  o know more, fill out the Google Form to let us know your needs, or contact us at to discuss your requirements in more detail.