Wedding favours have long added an extra level of delight and happiness for guests at wedding feasts or other celebrations. We discussed their history in an earlier article and the outcome is that they are perfect for a bride to

1) Show some of her own personality in the choice and design

2) Act as a memorable keepsake to remind guests of this joyous occasion

3) Are small enough to sit smartly on each guests placemat as a very welcome surprise

Hand-painted ceramics have a visual impact that produces exceptional joy. They are individual works of art, created for you by skilled artisans in the hills of Southern Italy – an area with a rich history in this art ware.

The history of jars for storing olive oil

Amphorae (clay or terracotta jars with two vertical handles) were used to store and transport wine, olive oil and cereals in Roman times. They were practical rather than decorative, and rather dull. Over centuries, pottery and ceramic production techniques for olive oil storage evolved into the brightly painted jars we use today. They are decorative pieces, much admired and treasured by their owners.

This is the modern type of artistically attractive ceramic jar that we offer as a gastronomic wedding favour, filed with the best of our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our region (Molise) has a rich history of exceptional hand-painted jars

The tradition of superb ceramics in Southern Italy began before 1500. Monks in the town of Castelli, where the soil was very rich in this great quality clay, showed local people how to extract it from the hillsides. They then converted it into beautifully decorated ceramics called “maiolica”.

Now there are hundreds of artisans there, producing exquisite hand-painted pieces. The best artisans still capture the distinctive historical forms and characters of this great tradition. When you buy one of the jars for yourself or as a gift, you are passing on a little piece of history and of the rich heritage of our Molise region.

Stamp your personality on the ceramic jar wedding favour of your choice

The artistic skills of our Molise master potters have created unique ceramic jars for you. Each one is handmade and hand-painted, so each one is indeed unique. In fact you can customise almost every aspect of the jars you order for your wedding or special event.

You can customise any or all of these aspects for your special jars and the experience that comes with it:

#1. Size and volume of olive oil

#2. Background colour

#3. Decorative theme

#4. Any text you want to appear

#5. Any special artwork you would like to apply

#6. Any of our extra virgin olive oil and EVOO-based dressings.

The end result will be a one-off impressive table gift that will truly impress your guests and be a talking point at every table.

Start now – ask us what we can produce for you

Begin the journey to an exceptional wedding occasion by contacting us today. Tell us of any ideas you may have, or simply ask us for advice.

You will enjoy choosing your own personal designs just as much as your guests will enjoy receiving them.

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